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How do you view the current relationship between Cherry Point MCAS and the surrounding community?

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About the JLUS Project

The Cherry Point MCAS Regional JLUS is a collaborative process among federal, regional and local governments and agencies; the public and the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and its auxiliary facilities: ALF Bogue, OLF Atlantic, BT-9 and BT-11.  The study is designed to create a collective regional dialogue around sometimes complex issues of balancing military operational demands and mission changes with the region's and local communities' land use plans, economic development and infrastructure needs, and goals for environmental sustainability. 

The primary study area will include Marine Corps operations for MCAS Cherry Point, ALF Bogue, OLF Atlantic, and BT-9 and BT-11.

The secondary study area within influence of Marine Corps (and other federal operations) that are of concern, but not deemed as critical as the Primary Study Area; and

General Study Area that will be identified as areas in Carteret County that are appropriate for those land uses and activities that are of concern in the Primary and Secondary Study Areas.

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Carteret County JLUS Work Program

Project Workplan

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Project Basemap

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Presentation at Public Open House No. 1 - April 16, 2015

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Presentation at TAC/PSC Meeting - July 30, 2015

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Recent Land Use Military Implications

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Economic Impact of the Military on North Carolina (2015)


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PSC/TAC Kickoff Meeting Notes

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