Cherry Point MCAS Regional Joint Land Use Study (JLUS)

The Cherry Point MCAS Regional Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a community-driven, cooperative, strategic planning process among Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and Carteret County and the surrounding counties, cities and communities to:

  • Promote Compatible development in the study area through revisions and updates to existing Zoning Ordinances and Comprehensive Plans plus to prepare new Plans and Ordinances where none now exist
  • Identify compatible and potentially non-compatible uses and propose mitigation options (particularly in the waterways in and near the Base's facilities
  • Develop enhanced communication between the community and MCAS Cherry Point about cell phone and wind towers proposed in the Restricted Air Space.
  • Support the region's continued economic vitality, while maintaining the community's character.

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How do you view the current relationship between Cherry Point MCAS and the surrounding community?
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Eva WillisBring them on Let Freedom Fly.We need them
one year ago Reply 0
Carol WilliamsLet's have more "Sounds of Freedom"!! Besides being great for the country it helps MCAS Cherry Point!! Let's all work together to keep MCAS Cherry Point strong and viable as a great community that adds so much good to the already beautiful Craven, Carteret, Jones, Pamlico, Lenoir counties and all Eastern North Carolina.
one year ago Reply 0
John LouxI would love to fly in it
one year ago Reply 0
Migalito ZubovichHahahaha, you can't find your drone, the jet is next and will be useless, unless you surrender the ship
one year ago Reply 0
Robin Wilson NelsonFun! I love the sounds of freedom!
one year ago Reply 0
Christine N Dougie GuthrieI have a son who is a high school sophomore at East Carteret. His long term goal is to get a degree through Craven Community College so that he can work on Base. He already has a welding certification and plans to make Cherry Point his career. Good news for job creation and proud to have Cherry Point grow.
one year ago Reply 0
Terry PrattA helicopter cannot fly supersonic fire missiles and come to a complete stop not to mention it's our Gatling gun and only takes one person to fly
one year ago Reply 0
Carlos StoneCan't wait to see them on base as I'm working
one year ago Reply 0
Carolyn CrankBring them on.
one year ago Reply 0
Christy CraneCan't wait!!!!
one year ago Reply 0
Lisa PaytesI could use a great job with benifits
one year ago Reply 0
David LavernI need a job
one year ago Reply 0
Gail Antepenko-HogebackThat aircraft is the future. They are already working on them there and more will follow. We can't dictate what aircraft the gov't buys. We need to just be happy the work will be done locally and people will have jobs.
one year ago Reply 0
Walt KrasaDon't count your chickens . . . This has happened before and the rug was pulled out
one year ago Reply 0
Greg KelleyI work at cherry point so I welcome growth to the base , it provides a decent job opportunity with carteret only allowing tourist jobs , no industrial jobs which I understand why, the bombing range , outlying fields this day and time are hard to come by , where else could the gov purchase land for a bombing range , nowhere ! I'm concerned even though each property sold in carteret county a signed acknowledgement is signed about jet noise , people can't not know that there's aircraft around but after moving in they then decide they don't like it , that doesn't seem reasonable , if I bought a house next to a hog farm how is it reasonable to wake up one day and and decide that hog farm has to go because of the smell , I hope we hold our guns and not give in to those who aren't particularly wise at choosing property
one year ago Reply 0
Don MyrminDoesn't that aircraft have many developmental problems?
one year ago Reply 0
Fred SchiedeckThat form of aircraft is a mistake. Let Helicopters be helicopters. Bring back the harriers. Let the Air Force have the new toy. Ask the services what they want or need. Frogs and shitters forever
one year ago Reply 0
Donald R. BelkNovember 18 is the next convening of the Policy Steering Committee and the Technical Advisory Committee. Find out more and get involved!
one year ago Reply 0
reedThey do not respond to our complaints of vibration damage and only try to pass the responsibility on to someone else.
one year ago Reply 0
Gladys SuessleIt is very comforting to know that the military men and women are close by. The community loves them and we in the Chamber try to do things to show our appreciation for them as individuals and their valuable contributions.
one year ago Reply 0
MitzExcellent! They are the bonus for our economy in this area. We would not be able to survive without them during off season.
one year ago Reply 0
Jay DawkinsI come through town on my way to the beach, and I admire the amount of pride the area shows for our armed forces, especially around holidays like July 4th.
one year ago Reply 0


About the JLUS Project

The Cherry Point MCAS Regional JLUS is a collaborative process among federal, regional and local governments and agencies; the public and the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and its auxiliary facilities: ALF Bogue, OLF Atlantic, BT-9 and BT-11.  The study is designed to create a collective regional dialogue around sometimes complex issues of balancing military operational demands and mission changes with the region's and local communities' land use plans, economic development and infrastructure needs, and goals for environmental sustainability. 

The primary study area will include Marine Corps operations for MCAS Cherry Point, ALF Bogue, OLF Atlantic, and BT-9 and BT-11.

The secondary study area within influence of Marine Corps (and other federal operations) that are of concern, but not deemed as critical as the Primary Study Area; and

General Study Area that will be identified as areas in Carteret County that are appropriate for those land uses and activities that are of concern in the Primary and Secondary Study Areas.

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